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Lucas Marsh Photography

My Inspiration

I took inspiration from my father. He started in college but was unable to carry on. During the lock down of 2020, he made another start on photography... Giving me inspiration.


Welcome to my photography website. I am 13 and just starting out in photography. Take a look at my portfolio to see examples of my work.

Man on bike Taken with Iphone 8. Edited with Lightroom on Iphone 8.


All of my first pieces of work are taken and edited with an Iphone 8. The editing software I use is lightroom on mobile.  I have recently been given a Sony NEX 6 as of 29/06/2020 after my dad got a more updated version of the camera.

" Lucas has definitely got an eye for a

photograph. His sense of composition is very good for his age with most of the subjects in the photos where they are best suited. Keep it up young man."

Roger Hatcliffe